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West 4th and Jane included Best Bars In Santa Monica by CBS Los Angeles.


Santa Monica acts as a relief valve for the basin of Los Angeles because the sea breeze brings down the temperature by, easily, ten degrees. On a Summer day, that means a lot to those of us who have been in the heat since early morning. Heading west to Santa Monica is a great way to cool off after a long, hot day in traffic or at the office. Here are a few great bars that offer a lot and give you that feeling of seaside living in LA.

West 4th and Jane
This is a great bar in the heart of Santa Monica. They have daily specials, happy hour, burgers and sandwiches at affordable prices. You can book a superbowl party in their upstairs, private event room or gather with the local folks in the downstairs event lounge for hot wings and big screen entertainment. An amazing array of beers are on tap for folks that love a cold one after a long hot day.
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