The One-Stop Hangover Cause And Cure

Though West 4th/Jane has opened in the former 3 on Fourth space, this new gastropub couldn’t be more different than its predecessor. For one, you’ll only find a few wine and sake choices on a menu that is overwhelmingly beer-oriented (more than 100 of them!). Though you can’t get any on draft, you can get bottles and cans, yes cans, of some of your favorites like PBR and Schlitz, as well as some more highbrow options like Chimay, Duvel and Hitachino.

No one likes to drink on an empty stomach, though, so try a few dishes off the food menu. To start there are beer-steamed mussels, fried calamari, tostones with a garlic lime sauce, tater tots (for a truly nostalgic experience), and a threesome of fries including house-cut, sweet potato, and spiced curly.

The “Lite Food” menu has options like a seafood Cobb salad, and a farmers market salad with just veggies. The “Real Food,” however, is a little more interesting. The pub serves authentic Nathan’s hot dogs with all the fixings, a burger inspired by the famous ones at Corner Bistro in the West Village, and the buzzed-about Hangover Sandwich, which comes piled with spiced turkey, cured meats, French fries and a fried egg. It will either turn your stomach, or cure what ails you.

Other options include the “Jane’s Food,” choices like the bacon-crusted French toast, the chicken schnitzel with red cabbage coleslaw and the most delicate fried onion rings in town. Just in case conversation lags–or to test your motor skills before getting behind the wheel–head upstairs for a round on of old-school Pacman. And the bar keeps rolls of quarters stocked especially…

-Eric Rosen

July 7, 2009

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