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West 4th and Jane Introduces New Chef Ryan Turner
By Jamie Gall

West 4th and Jane have been around for 3 years in the heart of Santa Monica, one block away from the well-known 3rd Street Promenade.  As you’re walking along the street, you may miss it as it blends in with the area’s surroundings.  But, once inside, it will become a favorite gathering immediately.  Co-Owners Steve Lieberman and Keith O’Brien, old time friends since high school, walk around, greeting their guests making it accommodating as possible.

Spaetzle Mac n cheese

Steve and Keith had a long time dream of always owning a bar, and when they came together on the West Coast, and found the perfect property off of 4th Street, they made it a reality bringing a little bit of the Gastro-Style Pubs of New York City to the Beach inspired lifestyle of Santa Monica.

On May 9th, Life in LA was invited out to West 4th and Jane to partake in their new menu launch, and to introduce their new Head Chef Ryan Turner.  Ryan Turner, originally from Portland, Oregon, was always inspired by his grandmother’s cooking, but didn’t find his love for cooking until later in life.  He learned his art of cooking by working with other area chefs around town instead of going to Culinary School.  In 2010, Ryan moved to LA, and began working as Sous Chef at Vu in Marina Del Rey.  This is where his culinary career took a turning point; as in, he was taught a more inventive approach.  Ryan’s style is cooking with a more modern grasp on traditionally based food.  He is hoping to create savory flavors that people will remember.

And on May 9th, many people were invited out to West 4th and Jane to taste the new menu.  They have a variety of food offerings available:

Paso Prime Beef Burger

Our night started off with the Charcuterie and Cheese Board (19 dollars).  A variety of meat including: coppa, dry Molinari, and finnochiona.  The cheeses provided included: caved aged marisa, chimey grand cru, and valdeon blue. This was soon followed by the Arugula Salad:  This salad featuring candied walnuts, pickled and fresh strawberries, with apple cider vinaigrette.  I am usually not a salad person, but the combination of these flavors had me begging for more, and I did go in for seconds.  But what was truly noticeable was how the salad was presented.  The greens perfectly cut up accompanied by a well-designed strawberry.  The chefs truly took into account the importance of presentation.

The next two items to follow were the Poutine ($9) and Spaetzle Mac & Cheese ($7).  Poutine, a Canadian favorite, brings together the flavors of potato fries, pork belly, and horseradish gravy.  A treat worth every bite.  The Spaetzle Mac & Cheese, a favorite amongst the crowd, brings in the combination of spaetzle noodles, gruyere cheese, and crispy shallots.  This dish was gobbled down in minutes.

Next to try were their burgers, which are 2 delicacies all in themselves.  The first being the Paso Prime Beef($13), which also happens to be my favorite, consists of truffle mayo, fried onions, goat cheese, and a purple Cherokee tomato.  The flavors combine to make a burger worth remembering.

The second burger offering is The Ground Venison.  For a girl who comes from the land of Minnesota, and deer hunting, it was nice to see Venison on the menu.  Although I preferred the other burger, this was still a burger that brought on a variety of flavors: gruyere, house pickles, pickled onions, Guinness tomato jam, and Worcestershire aioli.  The fries that come with both burgers are soft, with a little taste of crisp.  And I was told to make sure to try the sweet potato tots by 2 sources.

Cheese Board

In recent years I have become a huge fan of calamari, so when the Calamari Frites ($11) came out I was prepared for the flavors that came with them.  They were battered and fried to perfection, and every time I visit West 4th and Jane, this is an automatic order for me. And I cannot end this article without mentioning the Pulled Pork Sandwich ($13).  This sandwich combines the pulled pork with coleslaw along with their apple cider BBQ, and makes for a tasty delight.

And the dessert we were fortunate enough to try was their Candied Yam Panna Cotta ($7), which gave off a butterscotch flavor.

West 4th and Jane has a daily rotating tap which features 24 of the most obscure, allocated, and hard to find Belgium, European, and American Craft Beers.  And for those that aren’t into beer, they have a variety of wines available for you, as well.

This menu truly has something for everyone, and all the food tasted wonderful.  For me, this is a spot I’ll be visiting over and over again.  My favorites included the Arugula Salad, The Paso Prime Beef Burger, the Spaetzle Mac & Cheese, and the Calamari Frites.  But I have a feeling if I ordered anything off the menu it’d be just as tasty.

West 4th and Jane have daily specials which include:

Arugula Salad

Burger and Beer Mondays; any burger plus any draft beer only 10 dollars.

Tasting Tuesdays; any beer tasting flight for only 10 dollars.

Wednesday Pint Nights; order any draft beer and take home a free pint glass.

Sunday Funday; 12-15 dollars domestic draft beer pitchers

20 dollar import draft beer pitchers

5 dollars mimosas and sangrias all day.

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