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Jane’s Late Night Addiction



Drink and eat after-hours at West 4th/Jane

Start (or end) a serious night of sloppy at West 4th/Jane, a stoic SaMo gastropub a block from the 3rd St. Promenade.

Aged concrete walls and leather stools declare this a drinking mancave, not a breezy beachside bar. And though its name alludes to NYC’s famous Corner Bistro, aside from dark wood and TVs tuned to ballgames, the similarity begins and ends there.

Come for beer (more than 100 kinds) and stuff to soak it up. Brews run the gamut, from high-alcohol Belgians like Duvel and expensive exotics like Hitachino White, to Schlitz in a can and 40oz bottles of Olde English, which – in a grasp at street-style authenticity – are served in paper bags. There’s also sake (for bombing) and more than a dozen wines by the glass.

Skip lighter fare like salads and stay with food that sticks with the liver-bruising theme. An All-In-One Hangover Sandwich stuffed with turkey, cured meats and a fried egg will cure what ails you (or at least get your mind off of it). Breakfast burritos, bacon-crusted French toast and “The Fat Elvis” — a sticky sandwich of peanut butter, banana and crisped onions — help keep your blood alcohol level within legal limits.

July 1, 2009

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